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"A lyricist with charm, wit and often perceptive views... comes across like a modern day Woodie Guthrie."
                                                 - Relix Magazine
"Heads or Tales couples Notarthomas' poignant, spirited lyrics with improv heavy music that would be at home on the H.O.R.D.E. tour."                                                - Billboard Magazine
Notarthomas goes from jazzy blues to funky rock to swing and back again meeting those styles' vocal demands with all the humor and social conciousness of Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen -Why isn't he famous?        - Elmira Star Gazette
"Casts a hopeful eye toward the future with an emotional intensity rarely found in today's music... Like Dylan's early 60's period... and captures the majestic beauty of nature with Thoreau-like elegance."  - Ithaca Times

“Thought-provoking imagery and poignant socio-political commentary instantaneously draw the audience into his music’s emotional vortex.”  - The Source, Saratoga, NY

“...his solo act often rivals full rock bands in terms of volume & intensity.... Notarthomas’s energized performances separate him from the rank and file of acoustic singer-songwriters. He has established himself as one of Upstate New York’s most passionate, politically articulate and visionary performers.”     - Syracuse NewTimes



Learning to Fly
Beatlecuse - Joe Cocker Tribute
Jamie is focusing most of his time and energy on writing and recording his 5th studio album - he'll be playing live on a limited basis at some of his favorite places around Central New York
There will be a select few shows this year...
Moondog's Lounge - Friday, May 5, 8-11 pm
24 State Street - Auburn, NY
Jamie's back with a stellar band, rejoined by bassist Scott Schimpff (from Jamie's first two albums) along with the fabulous Liz Fiddle, the legendary Lenny Milano, and the crazy talented Mikal Serafim on lead guitar.  Playing Jamie's originals with a few surprise covers mixed in.  Excited to be back in Auburn and playing Moondog's for the first time!
Meier's Creek Sours and Flowers - Sun, May 21  1-4pm
33 Rippleton Road - Cazenovia, NY
Jamie and the band will be playing this awesome venue with the unstoppable Thomas Westcott on bass, Lenny "The Atomic Clock" Milano, and killer guitarist Mikal Serafim.  A mostly original show with some great covers sprinkled in. 
Happy to be playing for our good friends at Meier's Creek!
The Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute
The Ridge - Tuesday, May 23  6-10pm
1281 Salt Springs Road - Chittenango, NY
Jamie will be joined by many of the area's great musicians in this collaborative celebration of Dylan's genius.  This will kick off this year's legendary Tribute Series at The Ridge.  Check for more details.
The Ridge - Freeform Friday, Friday June 16, 6-10pm
1281 Salt Springs Road - Chittenango, NY
Jamie and the band will be playing the first in The Ridge's Freeform Friday series.  He'll be joined by the talented Americana/Folk artist Sam Burchfield visiting from Georgia.  Don't miss a great night in The Ridge's beautiful outdoor amphitheater! 
Harpoon Eddies - Wednesday, June 21, 6pm
611 Park Avenue - Sylvan Beach, NY
Celebrate the solstice with a beautiful, beach-waterfront sunset at one of the best places around! Jamie will be playing solo on the outdoor stage. 
The Town of Inlet's Annual July 4th Celebration
Arrowhead Park - Tuesday, July 4,  7:30pm until fireworks

1281 Salt Springs Road - Chittenango, NY
Jamie has performed for many years at this idyllic setting on beautiful Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks.  
Harpoon Eddies - Wednesday, July 19, 6pm
611 Park Avenue - Sylvan Beach, NY
Jamie will be back at Harpoon's solo on the outdoor stage. 
Johnson Park Concert Series - Wednesday, July 26, 7pm
400 Tulip Street - Liverpool, NY
Jamie and the band plays an outdoor free concert in the heart of Liverpool with the talented Liz Fiddle, the energetic Thomas Westcott on bass, the solid Lenny Milano on drums, the incredible Mikal Serafim on guitar plus a special guest or two. 
Harpoon Eddies - Thursday, August 10, 7-11pm
611 Park Avenue - Sylvan Beach, NY
Jamie will be back at Harpoon's with the full band - Thomas Westcott on bass, Lenny Milano on drums and Mikal Serafim on guitar.  A great summer night on the outdoor stage!
Check back for more summer dates soon!




     Born in Syracuse NY into a large family of talented musicians and artists, Jamie Notarthomas began his music career in 1986 and quickly gained national recognition for his high-energy live shows and passionate performances. A gifted songwriter, Jamie combines thoughtful, provocative and sometimes humorous lyrics with a soulful, broad vocal range to reach the minds and hearts of his audience.  His songs touch eloquently on aspects of human nature, love, ecology, and his own philosophies of life and living.  Notarthomas does not shy away from difficult subjects - religion, environmentalism, gun control, homelessness, missing & abducted children to name a few - and his music has been used in television, documentaries, and movies as well for charitable causes.


     Jamie has shared the stage with many greats including Bob Dylan, The Replacements, Melissa Ethridge, David Burne, Rosanne Cash, Tori Amos and performed with the likes of Allen Toussaint, Rick Danko, Keller Williams, Hot Tuna, Patti Smith & Pete Seeger.  He has also written and recorded with a number of notable musicians such as Trey Anastasio (Phish), John Popper (Blues Traveler), 10,000 Maniacs and David Bearwald of Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Supper Club.  

     His 1990 self-titled debut album burst him onto the music scene as a powerful and promising original artist and propelled him onto regional and national level stages.  Recorded with a rock band (plus guests like 10,000 Maniacs) that he then took on tour across the country, this album helped define him as a cutting-edge, independent musician – combining elements of alternative and traditional rock and Americana.  Songs on this first album have stood the test of time and established lyrical themes that Jamie returns to again and again as he and his audience evolve.


     After maturing as a touring band, Jamie’s second album, Heads or Tales, was released in 1995.  Garnering respect from the music industry at that time, three of the top grossing world acts – Trey Anastasio (Phish), John Popper (Blues Traveler), and David Bearwald (Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Supper Club) - collaborated on this album.  An ambitious and innovative project, dense with a wide range of instrumental arrangements to complement his lyrical talent, it moves from jazzy blues to funky rock to Celtic swing and back again, meeting those styles’ vocal demands at the same time keeping Jamie’s own identity intact.


     After two albums with his band and full production, Jamie listened to his fans and decided to revisit his solo, acoustic side with which he had established a great reputation in his formative years.  He took an unpredictable approach to writing by telling the press and fans that he moved to Colorado when in fact he retreated to the woods and lake to work on his third album - Climbing Out of the 21st Century - released in 1999.  Critics compare this album to the work of Bob Dylan and Neil Young.  As a songwriter, Jamie honed his skill to create a potent and eloquent tool for expression:  some songs are hilarious; others carry messages of preservation, compassion, tolerance and beauty of nature. Jamie's ability to convey his perceptive views and keen eye for observation are unmistakable on this pure acoustic folk album.


      In 2001, Jamie made the decision to put his successful career on hold to raise his son.  The example of other great musicians taking the same path - John Lennon, Peter Gabriel - gave him the confidence to risk a promising career to do what he knew was right.  As a career on the road became impractical, Jamie continued writing songs and shifted his focus to playing local and regional venues and festivals.   During this time, he also developed tributes to some of his idols – Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Van Morrison, The Beatles – showcasing his fluency in hundreds of their great songs.   His confidence and ease on stage results from the over seven thousand shows he's played over the years and he effortlessly moves an audience through moods and dynamics with his impressive repertoire of both originals and cover tunes.


     With the release of his fourth album, The Crow Convention in 2008, Jamie again combined his literary and poetic lyrics with a breadth of musical style that showcased his maturing, exceptional talent.  Capturing a unique sound that blends the best of his signature styles, the addition of orchestral elements and special guests like Grammy winning cellist Hank Roberts, adds depth and interest to this album.   


     Jamie is currently working on his 5th studio album to be released at the end of this year.  In this newest work, he will combine his multi-layered lyrical and musical talent with a varied mix of many forms to create a sound that is uniquely his own.  He hopes to again connect to a wide variety of audiences with a warmth and intimacy that transcends generations. 

"Casts a hopeful eye toward the future with an emotional intensity rarely found in today's music... Like Dylan's early 60's period... and captures the majestic beauty of nature with Thoreau-like elegance."                                        -   Ithaca Times

“Thought-provoking imagery and poignant socio-political commentary instantaneously draw the audience into his music’s emotional vortex.”  

                    - The Source, Saratoga, NY



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